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This site relies on sponsors and donations from members


The Karmann Coachbuilts Website and Forum are a non-profit making community of Karmann Coachbuilt enthusiasts from around the World.


Contributions made by the members cover the expense of running the Karmann website only. Any monies left over are donated to our adopted charity The British Legion Poppy Appeal Fund.



The Karmann Coachbuilt website and forum were formed to help promote and spread the passion
for Karmanns and to assist, advise and support all Karmann Owners.

Listed below are just some of the benefits of joining us.

Access to the members area of the website, which contains:

- More photo's of Karmanns Coachbuilts than be found anywhere else on the WWW.
- The Karmann Coachbuilt 'Register'
- Karmann Brochures
- Karmann Related Documentation

- Karmann Related Frequently Asked Questions

and lots more.

- We have negotiated discounts with Insurance companies

- We have negotiated discounts with Car Part Suppliers
- We hope to expand this offering by encouraging other companies to offer the Karmann Coachbuilts discount on items, including Books and Clothing.

If you would like to join our community a small donation would be appreciated. The current amount
to join is 3.50 per annum.


How do I get Membership?


Details of Membership can be obtained by logging onto the forum and viewing this thread:




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