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Gipsy and Cheetah - Differences


The main difference between the two models was the price when purchased new. The Cheetah was the cheaper of the two and lacked many the extra's that were standard in the Gipsy. However this said, the Cheetah's could be upgraded to include many of these extra's before delivery.

Gipsy Cheetah
Water Heater (Standard) Optional Water Heater (optional)
Sink/Cooker Layout, Larger cooking area (in earlier models). Sink/Cooker Layout, Smaller cooker area
Lounge Seating Material (Velour) Lounge Seating Material (Cloth)
Body Colour Body Colour
Fixed Sink in Bathroom with vanity unit Collapsible Sink in Bathroom, no vanity unit
Gas Fire in Later Models No Gas Fire
Extra Window in Cab Bunk Area No Extra Window in Cab Bunk Area
External Locker No External Locker



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