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Another restoration project


by Grenjs


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And so the work begins.



13. Removing the extra aluminium trim hiding

the join between the roof and the aluminium

panel covering the old window frame.

Note the white bathroom silicone sealant.

14. The aluminium trim removed. Clear evidence of the bathroom silicone sealant along the edge of the roof.

15. Screws were chewed as they were driven in to secure the joining aluminium trim. These will of course be replaced with brand new stainless steel screws.


16. The offside front. The black is an indication

of water being present in this area.

17. The framework and insulation is damp to

the touch.

18. The vertical battens were fixed with white

bathroom sealant....


19.  ....and not a single sign of any glue or staples...

20.  ....being used to hold then battens in place. 

21. The nearside. Again evidence of damp.


22. Insulation is removed to expose the

original and rotted roof board.

23. Higher up the same side.

24. Now the front is open to the air, it's time

to start drying everything out before work can

start. A fan heater turned on full for a few

hours does it nicely.



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