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Another restoration project


by Grenjs


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49. Whilst the front frame is hardening, time

to do the bunk bed base. This must be inserted

before the frame is fitted.

50. Cutting the bed base to the correct width.

51. The bed base is prepared for varnishing.


52. Varnishing the underside of the bunk base.

53. When the varnish is dry, the base is inserted

into the overhead cab. The top side will get a

coat or two of varnish later.

54. A good fit.


55. Work continues. The side aluminium edge is

removed. A right selection of different screws.

56. The area where the awning was. This will

be cleaned up. Note the screw thread top left.

57. The area where the awning was - looking

towards the back of the Cheetah.


58. The back window. The top bike rail has been

removed to reveal the gaps between the back wall

and the rear window.

59. Top nearside of the roof. The new aluminium

roof has been cut well short.

60. Some brownie points at last. The roof has at least

been folded over the side aluminium wall.

No chance of it leaking along this bit.



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