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by Grenjs


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61. Before the roof can be taken off, the back window

has to be removed. Here we see evidence of

poor workmanship.

62.  The window framework was

constructed wrong, so it had been crudely filled

with a slither of internal wall board.

63. And where internal board can't be used, white bathroom silicone sealant is used to fill gaps.


64. Slightly better at the bottom, but not much.

65. Non-setting Sikalastomer sealant had been

used to hold the clip covers in place.

66. The front window framework is now dried, so

it is inserted.


67. Doesn't look too bad, but it's far from finished.

68. View from the outside.

69. The insulation in cut and placed inside the frame.


70. Another day and the main aluminium roof has been taken off to reveal usage of 'No More Nails'....

71. ....and clear silicone sealant.

72. ....and double sided tape. There was absolutely

no chance of getting this roof off with

damaging the aluminium skin.



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