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Another restoration project


by Grenjs


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97. The back wood fillet to help the transition from

the flat roof to the rounded corner is inserted.

98. And then shaped.

99. The window opening is fixed and new insulation is inserted.


100. The overhead cab roof is slightly bowed in

the centre, so we'll need to think of a way to fix this.

101. The roof board should have been angled

to match the kitchen slant, but it had just been

butted up against it.

102. to ensure there isn't a gap, a fillet is

made to fit. that is glued and nailed into position.


103.  This bit is now ready for the new roof.

104. it's impossible to remove "No More Nails"

from the original insulation.

105. Removing all the old snapped screws was

another essential task. All these have to be

removed before fixing the new roof skin.


106. The insulation is turned over to provide a

smooth surface on which the new roof will lie on.

107. Another view. Looks new!

108. An extra strengthening batten is placed

on the overhead cab section to combat bowing.



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