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25. Top rear corner peeled back and expanding foam removed. the cross timber has disintegrated. the upright (on the right) is also rotten and wet.

26. The passenger side is now off and it is appalling.

Note the lack of framework. This is not how it left

the Tischer factory, but the work of a very amateur restorer.

27. No vertical framework, no framework around

the door, windows and vent openings. This

Coachbuilt would have crumbled and been

ripped apart in the event of a side collision.







28. At least this part had some wood.

29. The top door surround. It would have been

easy to rip the door off.

30. Not a single trace of wood.




31. The lower fridge vent. The securing screws have

been screwed into the insulation!

32. There is evidence of the Tischer framework

here... long gone now.

33. Good news at last - some good wood above

the door.









34. the overhead cab area. Not too bad, but it

may need removing....

35. To replace this overhead bed base.

36. More good wood - well sort of.




37. Moving to the bottom edge, there is no excuse

for this. Expanding foam has been used in the

corner. The vertical braces are being supported

by foam.

38. Even the framework that is present is wet and

totally rotted.

39. The door step just fell apart as the side panel was removed.










40. More wood just fell from the Tischer.

41. The back rear end. Not sure what this is, other

 than it's plywood with a black covering.

42. This slab of wood is rotten and wet.







 43. Silicone sealant used to hold the GRP side

panel in place.

44. And when the restorer removed framework, he replaced it with insulation. This horizontal timber is supported only by the insulation.

45. The back rear end. Beggars belief. Rotted

wood and a free floating aluminium bar.




46. The top vertical support. On the left the original

wood, totally rotted. And where there's a gap,

expanding foam.

47. The expanding foam removed to show how

bad the rot is.

48. And finally the top rear edge. The vertical timber

has been cut and left supported by the insulation



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