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It should be noted for the record that none of the pictures shown here were the work of the previous owner, nor that of Tischer.


The work carried out on this vehicle was entirely down to a very amateur and foolish German owner. He put lives at risk.


I am sure that both the previous owner and Tischer themselves are as horrified as I am at the appalling state of this vehicle.

49. And finally for today, it was nice of the German owner to use silicone sealant on the back bumper making it an almost impossible task to remove. Total Moron..


50. More dismantling!


51. trying to understand how the overhead cab area has been contructed.

52. So that is how Tischer got the curve to the

roof. Not clever as it's not very strong.

P.S. I didn't create that gap either! Another classic bit of Tischer workmanship.

53. And that's not good workmanship by Tischer either.


54. The weather turns for the worse. Just glad we have somewhere dry to work.

55. We need to know how to dismantle and rebuild the door and locker so the outer skin can be replaced.

56. OK. Looks easy enough now we have it apart.


57. A small channel is made all around the door edge.

58. And the upper door section is dismantled and ready for the new outer skin.

59. Inside again. Note the slant on the cupboard. The roof has collapsed, so this will need suring up before we take this lot apart.




60. Time to begin. First, we have to remove the

Aluminium panel behind the passenger door so

we can get to the rotten wood behind it.

61. The panel successfully removed.

62. Some good, some bad.


63. Mark up where we are going to cut away to get to some good wood.

64. Top and bottom.

65. Both bulkhead boards cut and ready to graft on new wood.


66. Even this little bit of work generates a lot of waste

67. The underside edge board. Better than I expected.

68. Again, we'll cut this back to good wood, graft on

some good wood, cover it in 2m Aluminium,

seal the edges and underseal it properly.


69. I was curious to find out how Tischer attached the bottom edge board to the sides. Hmmmm... huge screws. Not a good choice of fixing. Can you spot all three screws?

70. Further along the bottom edge. Well gone.

71. Final act for today was to clean the gas pipe

feeding the heater from all the underseal,

sealants and other curd covering the pipe. This

will be painted and then fixed when this bottom edge

is constructed properly.


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