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96. Wasn't happy with this bottom corner, so

strengthened it up a bit.

97. The top rail is fixed to the framework

98. The wallboards are then bonded to the frame.

This is the view of the inside.


99. The inside wall. A nice new window will go in here.

100. The framework from the outside.

101. Still a long way to go on this side before it's finished.


102. With one side almmost complete, it's time to start on the other side. As the skin is pulled off, some nice surprises. Clean wood, 103. Behind the wardrobe.

104. Well no surprises here. We expect that.


103. We saw this before 104. Nice clean wood up top too.

105. Expected this too, so nothing unusual




106. Back corner. 107. Top corner

108. With the insulation taken off.


109. Ditto 110. Bit of a mess.....

111. Obsessive use of filler foam..


112. Hmmmmm. 113. No different from the other side

114. Some of the side removed.


115. The new side frame under construction. 116. Getting there bit by bit.

117. A few issues to sort out here, but getting there!


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