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118. In the meanwhile, the cupboards are given

a fresh look with new covering and edge welt.

119. Typical end panel.

120. What's going on here then? No rear?


121. The rear roof, side and rear wall are removed.

122. Down to one wall only and no roof.

123. The rear of the Tischer is stripped. The

metalwork is painted.


102. Before that the rear panel has to be made 103. Cut, shaped and fixed.

104. Side panel trial fitting


105. Side Panel fixed. 106. Still loads to do on this side panel.

107. The panel next to the door is covered and

the original welt applied to the side.




108. Looks loads better. Just the speaker to pout back in. 109. The other side with light switch missing..

110. The lower part of the panel.


111. The upper cupboards are temporarily fitted. 112. No longer wonky or sagging!

113. No longer smothered in white silicone sealant!


114. Looking much smarter. 115. The rear wall framing complete.

116. Locker door opening with rounded corners.

117. First wall board fixed to frame (not completed yet).

118. The corner. Trying to decide if it required some

welt down the edge.

118. The back wall is 90% complete. Window and locker door openings made. It's all a good fit.


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