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119. No more wonky cupboards hanging on by

silicone sealant. Walls are straight, not buckled

and swollen with damp.

120. The other corner. No gaps in the wall, it all

fits snugly.

121. Space for the curtain rail - if it is needed.


122. The new back wall framing.

123. From another angle.

123. Storage area floor in lined with plywood.


124. The gas bottle now sits upright rather than

leaning at an angle!

125. The Shureflow pump and tidied up piping.

126. View of the locker door from the inside. Fits nice.


126. Planning the new interior roof. We weren't

happy where the roof boards would join so decided

we need more working space.

127. So off comes the entire roof! That should do it.

128. Room with a view.





129. Biggest roof light I've ever seen.

130. It is interesting to find out exactly how Tischer

made the front end. Note the internal roof board

has been wrapped around the front and underneath

131. And the corners aren't attached to each other.


132. Time to start on the roof. So "Goodbye" to this rubbish

133. and time to say hello to the new roof framing.

134. The "Slant"


135. The main roof. 136. View from the top

137. A early preview of what it'll look like on

the inside


138. Another early preview of the inside 139. Construction of the rear seating area begins.

140. The end panels are now designed so the

can be removed providing maximum access to

the area behind


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