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Albert has decided he wants to rebuild his Karmann Cheetah, but the framework and inside won't be the same as it left the Karmann factory. The Karmann Cheetah will be rebuilt to be stronger and more robust. The inside will be changed to what suits Albert and his family.

Albert says "The reason we started this rebuild is that after we bought the Cheetah we came across the famous Chrismogs mushroom by chance  and started to inspect ours - it appeared to be rotted in the same spots. So what to do next? Couldn't be used, couldn't be sold. So the one option we had is to go all the way and try to rebuild it with a lot of help from relatives and of course the Karmann Coachbuilts Forum."





1. The rebuild is started

2. Bike rack, roof access ladder and rails are

removed from the rear end.

3. Some evidence of damp in the window hole


4. A screwdriver is bent at the tip...

5. This will allow the staples to be levered out.

6. Rear offside wall


7. As the roof is removed, more damp is revealed

8. The front overhead cab looks OK.

9. The roof and skylight hole


10. The bathroom vent area

11. Overhead cab roof and kitchen skylight.

Looks clean.

12. Working to remove traces of the roof plywood.



13. All the rotten wood is cleared up and removed

14. The offside rear revealed

15. Kitchen wall. This will also be replaced.


16. A thin alloy blade and "cut" the the panel

loose from the polystyrene without damaging

or bending the panel.

17. New Table Base - very compact and light.

It is adjustable in height and it can be swivels 360 degrees.

18. New Table Base


19. And so the rebuild begins. Rear upright and roof support for the off side

20. A curious passer by takes interest in the project

21. Nearside bottom edge. This has been

replaced before.


22. Nearside rear corner. A new board is fitted.

23. Onto the roof. The timbers on the roof are copied.

24. Another busy day and some good progress is made. Already it's beginning to take shape.


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