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25. The table top is donated to another Karmann owner

26. As is the kitchen covers

27. The tedious task of cleaning the edge rubbers.


28. Plenty of clean rags and lots of white spirit

29. The nearside

30. More rot in the nearside corner


31. Bottom side

32. Nearside wall

33. Overhead Cab framework.


34. this will be replaced

35. Trial fitting the table top to the new table base.

36. New table top and the kitchen top will be the

same. it is very light. The original Karmann

table is much heavier.



37. Table top design copyright de Vries

38. Overhead framework removed.

39. More of the nearside wall.


40. Nearside wall

41. Nearside bottom edge

42. Black painted timber all ready for fitting.


43. Clean work space

44. And plenty of room.

45. New plate fitted to the nearside bottom edge.


46. This is how it is made.

47. Kitchen wall ready for fitting

48. Kitchen Unit dismantled.



49. Rear upright fixed into place.

50. Note the size of staples Albert is using compared to the original staples used by Karmann.

51. A mess when rebuilding is evitable.


52. Every inch of space is utilised.

53. Spot the mistake :-(

54. This is easily remedied.


55. Rear upright and rear bottom section.

56. Yet more good progress made.

57. Table top design by Albert's wife


58. Table top design by Albert's wife

59. Underside of the new table

60. Albert decides to fit brand new edge rubbers.



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