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61. The modified kitchen section .. ..

62. Is ready to be fitted.

63. The completed overhead cab section


64. The nearside frame nears completion

65. As does the nearside rear corner.

66. Nearside all stapled and glued together.

Only window and gas locker door have to

be modified.


67. Extra timbers inserted on nearside.

68. Overhead cab solid as a rock!

69. The offside stapled, glued and bolted. Kitchen

panel is ready but left open for kitchen top repair


70. Cupboards meets backside perfectly .....

71. .... on both sides.

72. New 12mm red edge insert trim



73. Perfect fit.

74. Roof framework.

75. Open topped Cheetah!


76. Stapling the roof frame

77. Trial fitting.

78. Next task will be the upper rear slant.


79. The new roof is temporary put into place

80. The timbers are different to the original design,

but it gives the sides more strength.


There will be another 9mm plate on top so it

won't cause any problems.


82. Perfectly straight - not a mm space between it

83. Offering up  the tough extra sheet multi-ply

on the inside. It should be easier to wallpaper

it and add a little bit more strength.

84. Currently the walls are 3mm thick. An extra

3mm board will be used to make the side

walls 6mm thick. First clean both walls of

24 years of old grease and dirt



85. 3mm multiply sheet cut out and covered

with water proof wood glue

86. Additional struts are needed to staple the new

sheet to the frame

87. One side ready and grounded with paint


88. Same on the other side..

89. Roof taken off to glassfibre it.

90. Ready to be installed back on the Cheetah.


55. Extra wood in the corners to make the

corners stronger

56. Extra wood on the overhead cab to make it stronger

57. Roof frame stapled from the side, bonded with

wood glue and bolted top down


58. More extra struts.

59. Overhead cab now secured.

60. Started on the back wall again..



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