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61. A good way to measure if the window frame

is put in straight.

62. The old back wall used as a guide

63. Rear window frame glued and stapled

on both sides


64. The rear frame work complete and put the

wallboard behind it.. stapled and glued

65. Pilot drilled the cross timbers and put water

resistant wood glue on the frame. Then clamped

the new rear to the back of the Cheetah.

66. Square, measured, perfectly straight. Result!



67. Trial fitting of the top panel

68. The corners are made stronger

69. Extra wood vertical braces


70. Insulation is put on the roof

71. The wiring is also checked. All works..

72. 9mm multiplex ply is put on the roof


73. Kitchen storage unit which sits above the

fridge is made from the off-cuts of wood.

74. Cupboard doors are rubbed down and given

 a covering of white undercoat

75.  The refurbished cupboard doors.


76. Insulation on the sides is started

77. And the nearside

78. Trial Fitting the cupboard doors.



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