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1. This is the Tischer in question

(Photo courtesy of Devamatt)

2. Under cover and ready to start the restoration

3. As can be seen, the roof has been painted

and is looking very tired.


4. The rear of the roof. Not a pretty sight.

5. The drivers side at the rear. Fibreglass patching

along the edging in an attempt to prevent

water ingress (didn't work!).

Note that flashing top right of  the picture.

6. The back end at the top. heavily filled with some

sort of rubberised sealant (along with silicone

sealant and other sealants!)


7. Top right rear corner on the passengers side.

A bit of a mess.

8. Along the roofline at the front.

9. The nearside heavily filled with sealant.


10. All windows have been crudely sealed.

11. More sealant

12. We peeled away some boarding which had

been attached to the internal walls and immediately

 found damp and rotten wood - wet to the touch.



13. Yet more internal boards covering the original

Tischer wall lining.

14. Fablon has been used everywhere including

on the furiniture.

15. these side seat 'stand-off's' aren't original

and shall be removed. the seating bases aren't

original either and will be rebuilt.


16. The overhead cab area has been covered with

carpet tiles.

17. Wallboard has been glued onto wallboard.

18. the rear wall. The locker door frame doesn't

exactly fit well, so it's been filled!


19. Somewhere in this picture is the aluminium

edge trim! The trim insert is missing and it's

been filled with a rubberised Sealant..

20. Cleaned up a little to expose the ali trim

and the securing screws.

21. Top rear corner (passenger side). The

roof should overlap the back panel, but instead

we have a 15mm gap!


22. The trim on the back end. This is normal awning

rail which has an additional bit of trim inserted

under the bottom to make it protrude outwards.

23. The awning rail has now been removed. Note the

wood has been wrapped in duck tape and expanding

foam has been used to fill the gap between the

roof timbers and the back wall.

24. Back edges cleaned up. Even like this it's

a vast improvement!!


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