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*** STOLEN ***



This T4 Karmann Gipsy was stolen from Lancashire in England

on the 20th May 2010.


VIN: WV2ZZZ70ZNH023870
Karmann Production Number: 92 146


The Gipsy had a Caravan Store Awning, bike rack, black bonnet bra and rear ladder fitted.


If you see it, please do contact us or the rightful owner on +44 (0)07713187518


If you see one for sale please try to get as much information as possible (Karmann Production Plate, VIN etc). If any of this information can't be supplied that should be considered suspicious. Perhaps you have been offered a T4 Gipsy recently?


Also if you see anything Karmann related for sale (Karmann parts are very distinctive) in your newspapers, on the web or anywhere else, please do share this information with us as it may well be something from this vehicle.


There are a few distinguishing marks are features to look out for.

  • There is a LED light next to the door controlled by a extra switch next to the Karmann control panel

  • Bumper had a crack repaired on the nearside.

  • There is a T4 forum sticker stick on the drivers side rear corner which covers up a large chip.

  • There is a slight crease mark in the top half of the camper door.


Thanks for your help. We hope the Gipsy is found soon.







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*** STOLEN ***


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