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Karmann Coachbuilts - Restoration by Chrismogs


This restoration project featured on our webpage way back in 2009. The photo's for this restoration were hosted on Photobucket, who in their wisdom decided to charge huge amounts of money for hosting photo's. This we refused to do. The original supplied CD with all photo's disappeared during a house move in 2010 and the CD has only just recently been found. We are now slowly but surely putting the restoration back on the webpage where it belongs.



The following pages show a restoration performed on a Karmann Gipsy by Chrismogs who lives in Wales. The restoration was closely followed by a number of Karmann Karmann enthusiasts. This restoration really is the Grandfather of all Karmann restorations in the UK, as this was the first time someone had ever taken apart and restored a Karmann Coachbuilt whilst documenting it in great detail.


Since Chrismogs performed this restoration, several other Karmann's have been restored and have been returned to their former glory - all inspired by his work. We hope showing this restoration on these pages will also inspire others and generally assist them with their restorations.


Because of the number of photographs taken during this restoration (576), the pictures have been distributed over 12 pages (48 images per page). Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.


As far as we am aware the restoration start in Spring 2008 and was finished at the end of October 2008.


Chirsmogs is no stranger to Volkswagens as he restores them and he is also involved with the restoration of Classic British Bikes.


Chrismogs: "It all started with a giant mushroom growing through the ceiling light, reaking the plastic. I had to check out some problems with dampness in the back end, thought it would be a simple job, until we pealed back the panel and it revealed all these horrors. It ended up having to replace both bottom half sided, the majority of the roof, and the whole of the back end. I had a lot of hardwood given to me and had it cut up into the various 25mm strips, which should help to make it last. Trying my best to finish it in time for Vanfest!".





1. It all started with a giant mushroom growing through the ceiling light, breaking the plastic. 2. A closer view of the invader

3. "I had to check out some problems with dampness in the back end"

4. Rear Bumper removed 5. Trim and rear window removed. 6. "I thought it would be a simple job, until we pealed back the panel"

7. Exposed Rear offside 8. A closer view 9. General view of the rear end

10. Top offside rear of the roof 11. Seats and water tank removed. View of the interior wall offside 12. Interior wall nearside.

13. Peeling back the roof further 14. Peeling back the roof further 15. Peeling back the roof further

16. And this is what was found 17. Damp 18. And some more

19. Top offside rear of the roof 20. Water stains. 21. Roof over the lounge area

22. View of the roof from the back 23. overall view of the roof 24. Back end aerial view
25. Scaffolding was erected to provide some shelter 26. And the Gipsy was placed under cover 27. The Gipsy roof removed.
28. Offside rear panel removed 29. Rear offside locker opening 30. Bird's eye view of the roof
31. Closer view of the offside rear roof 32. Closer view of the offside rear roof 33. Offside rear
34. Rear offside locker opening 35. View of the offside of the Gipsy 36. Removing the vent
37. Door Sill and Jam 38. Carefully removing the vents and Covers 39. Slowly and carefully so not the break them.
40. taking time to remove the vents. 41. Door jam and threshold 42. Lower panel offside middle
43. Storing the Vents and Covers 44. Offside middle panel removed 45. Another view of the middle offside
46. Top offside overhead cab section exposed 47. The task of removing the ply roof start 48.  Removing the ply roof


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