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49. Peeling the roof ply from the frame 50. "After stripping off the main aluminium roof panel the 9mm ply boards were removed by grooving and carefully breaking sections off..."

51. Off it comes.

52. onto the next section 53. Cutting more stubborn sections 54. "until the old frame was exposed."

55. Chiselling of the remains 56. The hole for the mushroom vent over the toilet 57. Polystyrene removed.

58. Black wood. Rotten. 59. Work starts on the lower panel 60. And off it comes.

61. Revealed. This will need welding. 62. View of the near side. 63. Off comes the Thetford access door

64. Along with the door frame seal. 65. Preparing the wood 66. Measuring a length of Mahogany

67. "We used the existing frame as a template by screwing and clamping the new sections onto the old" 68. "most important tool for this job was the air stapler" 69. All coming together nicely

70. Frame uprights in place. 71. Nearside framework 72. More mahogany being prepared.
73. More 25mm strips cut..... 74. Prepared..... 75. ....and fitted.
76. Wheel forms being cut 77. The wheel arch forms 78. "Following the more difficult curves with the Router copier"
79. Great result! 80. Offside rear nearly completed 81. Offside middle almost completed
82. Nearside middle - almost complete! 83. Nearside rear almost complete! 84. Rear nearside.
85. Bottom of frame Nearside rear 86. More timber ready to use. 87. Mixture of items
88. "As with many of the Gipsys the overcab Perspex window was cracked through age and sunlight. The inner skin of the Perspex was sound and the outer skin was cut away using a router to leave an edge of about 5mm. which was squared off with a block of sandpaper. The unit was carefully measured for glass and the radius of the corners checked by making cardboard templates." 89. "We decided to make a repair by using a sheet of toughened ground bevelled smoked 4mm glass. We obtained this from Specrum Glass Solutions, Port Talbot, who specialise in high quality made to measure glass and leaded windows. The Perspex and frame were thoroughly cleaned in meths and spirit wipe and the new toughened unit placed in position and weighted down." 90. "Sikaflex 221 was then injected into the gap between the glass and Perspex all the way round. The Sikaflex hardened overnight which gave an excellent bond. The edge was then finished in a bead of black silicone. Although you donít get the original concave effect this has turned out to be a sound economical repair and still looks pretty good."
91. 92. 93.
94. 95. 96.


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