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Work continues on the overhead cab and further.........





102. Work continues on the overhead

cab area.


104. Welting on on, new cab roof is

shaped and the new front wall is

offered up.


105. New ceiling board glued to the front wall.

106. Another view.

107. Front wall attached to the front

and curtain valance is fixed into

position to cover the joint between

the ceiling and the front wall.


108. Attention now turned to the

main roof section.

109. First of the main roof framing

is made.

110. The original kitchen slant is used.



111. 45o angle on the front roof s

ection where it will meet the kitchen


112. All roof sections ready for the

ceiling board to be applied.

113. Ceiling board applied, skylight and

roof vent cut out and the new

 framing is fixed to the Distance Wide.



114. Insulation is cut and inserted.

115. The rear of the roof.

116. Insulating the front overhead cab

front wall.



117. All gaps are insulated including the small gap.

118. With all the roofing insulation in,

the new 9mm plywood roof is put

into the van.

119. Sika 710 is used along the

edges between the framing and the plywood.



120. Stoll working on the roof.

121. Sika 710.

122. Sika used in the joint between the 9mm plywood roof and the kitchen slant.



123. Roof transition strip. This wedge shaped slip transitions the 9mm plywood roof to the curve on the back end.

124. Insulation in the rear roof curve.

125. Viewing the new roof from the inside.



126. Inside the rear cupboard.

127. New down-lighters in the bathroom.

128. New down-light over the kitchen.



129. LED strip on the top of the curtain pelmet.

130. The kitchen slant from the inside.

131. With the roof finished fitting the insulation onto the sides begins.



132. It's a long and quite tedious task.

133. Rear nearside almost complete.

134. At last the insulation job is done.





135. Nearside done now for the.....

136. .............offside.

137. Done.



138. More Xtratherm.

139. To get the Xtratherm around the back end curve of the roof and groove is cut in the insulation.

140. Filling in all the gaps.



141. Back wall done.

142. Foil placed over the back curve will keep the insulation in position.

143. View from the other side.



144. The aluminium panels start to go

 back on. The top panel is always

fitted first.

145. The next panel down slip up and

into the Dutch fold and so on.

146. As each panel is put into position,

the bottom of the panel is stapled

to the framing.



147. Just the bottom Aluminium panel

to go.

148. View along the panel length.

149. Each panel is checked and

cleaned before fitting begins.

Offside top panel ready to be fitted.



150. The same procedure as for the nearside.

151. Just the lower panel to go.

152. The main roof complete and ready

for the new roof aluminium.


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