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Fitting the new roof aluminium and the start of the finishing jobs......




153. To create the fold at the base

of the kitchen slant, a former is made.

154. The new ali roof on the former.

155. The ali is lifted onto the

Distance Wide


156. Enough overlap on either side before

careful measurements are made and

the ali roof is stapled.

157. Plenty of overhang on the rear end.

The original lower ali panel will be used.

158. Plenty of excess at the front too


159. A clamp is used to hold the ali at the front end to keep it flat.

160. The other side

161.  This job should not be rushed.



162. Concentration and a steady hand

is needed when the edges are cut with

just enough left over for the 5mm lip

163. With the 5mm overlap cut, the ali is folded over the top side panel.

164. Cleaned and ready for refitting



165. The window frame securing clip.

166. Back window is fitted using Sika 710

as a sealant

167. The inside frame secures this window (no clips)



168. Kitchen window in in.

169. The new edging rubbers placed on the van.

170. The ali edging trim being positioned



171. To ensure a tight seal, clamps are used before screwing the ali trim to the Distance Wide.

172. All done and onto the next section

173. The kitchen slant.



174. The bulkhead ali trim complete

175. The Truma heater chimney is fitted.





178. The rubbers for the Ladder/Bike rack are cleaned.

179. W4 Mastic strip will be applied to the back of this rubber.



180. A tedious task - fitting the ali edging insert trim

181. It's slow work...

182. All done!



183. The rear nearside corner. Looking good!

184. The roof edge.

185. Nice flat roof.





186. Time to fit the skylight.

187. Sika 710 is used to seal the skylight to the roof.

188. Job done.




190. Look very neat.

191. Two new front overhead cab windows are sourced (very rare items).



192. Same method and materials used to fit the new window.

193. The other side window.

194. The Karmann Badge is cleaned, painted and .....



195. ....Fitted.

196. Lower side plastic trims are cleaned and painted.




198. New vent fitted.

199. Rear window in, back bumper

refitted, upper and lower ladder/bike

rails are on.

200. The side door frame cleaned and ready to receive new hinges



201. The hinges are fixed the door frame before the frame if refitted to the van.

202. Looks good.

203. Upper half the the stable door back on


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