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How to TDI a Karmann Gipsy


Tudor Morgan



The Pictorial Work Sequence - Page 2


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37. Accurately shaping ignition switch console 38. A bit of wiring to do in the front

39. A rev counter, turbo boost, and oil temp gauges


40. TDI isolator ring and made up key with chip 41. Nicely finished altered console to take isolator ring

42. T3 connector box, cut holes, protected to stop chaffing


43. Alloy welding for adaptor and intercooler fixings

44. HA-Projekt intercooler and fittings

45. Bending the special intercooler fixing bracket


46. Correct shape obtained

47. Completed banana bracket

48. Intercooler stainless fixing studs


49. Charged air, angled pipes, from Passat

50. Coolant and charged air pipes

51. Position of intercooler


52. Air vent T piece 53. Air bleed bottle from Fiat clutch

54. Position of air bleed bottle


55. Air bleed T piece, intercooler rad 56. Topping up intercooler bleed bottle

57. Example of HA-Projekt positioning of inter, oil cooler rad


58. Removing gear box 59. HA-Projekt 22mm TDI shaft

60. Bell housing off


61. Old and new shafts 62. Special tool to undo diff bearing adjusters

63. Adjuster removed


64. Mark position before removal, enables exact replacement 65. Loosen off flange before removing circlip

66. Easy to remove circlip


67. Gearbox ready for fitting with stainless back plate 68. Easier to fit engine first then gearbox

69. Throttle potentiometer arm mod


70. Sizing up potentiometer position using cardboard template 71. Accurately cutting template

72. Further sizing to get it right


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