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How to TDI a Karmann Gipsy


Tudor Morgan



The Pictorial Work Sequence - Page 3


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73. Marking onto steel template 74. Template cut

75. Bracket cut out and folded


76. Turning new air intake adapter for air mass meter to air filter 77. Base and ring finished

78. Adapter shaping up


79. Critical angle for Gipsy air filter fitting

80. All welded up

81. Air mass meter and inlet pipe connected


82. T3 air filter brackets made, located behind LHS of bumper

83. Oil cooler take off adapter and filter

84. Fitting external oil cooler underneath to pick up air flow


85. External oil cooler

86. Oil cooler feed pipes angled for max air flow (protective mesh needed)

87. Fabricated pulley holding tool


88. Manufactured TDI / T3 dipstick bush 89. Dipstick bush and seals

90. Milling alternator mounting to enable correct dipstick position


91. Dipstick extended, new eye made 92. RED for easy identification

93. T3 dipstick bent and offered up to slot


94. New fixing tab made and braised 95. Special own design alternator /water pump belt fitting tool

96. Sizing up and bending steel for turning tensioner tool


97. Another view of finished tool – the Camel 98. Purchased VAG test box

99. Test box in use


100. Everything in place and finished 101. An overhead view of the final result

102. The rib that needs to be cut away to stop alternator knocking


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