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Another Karmann Gipsy 1.9 TDi Conversion


Grenville Strickland



Page 2 - Cleaning of the 1Z engine and fitting of the new parts


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25. Without the original donor car gearbox, getting the engine at Top Dead Centre was pretty impossible. As the engine sits at 50o angle in the Gipsy, this timing mark will need to be moved. 26. Thankfully a fellow Karmann owner was doing the same transplant came to rescue and donated the gearbox of his donor car - also a Seat Toledo. Top Dead centre now achieved.

27. In with the camshaft locking tool. The gap seen either side needs to be measured using feeler gauges and equalled so the shaft is sitting dead level to the tool.


28. With the camshaft correct, the Injection pump locking pin can be inserted. 29. Off with the crank pulleys and cover.

30. Exposing the entire timing belt.


31. The bottom end cleaned up and ready for the new belt and crank seal.

32. New seal fitted.

33. The new timing belt and tensioner fitted.


34. Remember to replace the centre bolt.

35. Back on with the cover and pulley.

36. The Power Steering pulley fitted.


37. Job done. Ready for the next task.

38. The old sump breather removed.

39. the sump breather fitted. The oil cooler is loosely fitted for the time being.


40. The Oil Cooler was removed and new gasket fitted. 41. The Seat 1Z came with the water blanking bung (seen on the right of the large water outlet).

42. Now onto the water pump and housing (left in picture).


43. Looks fairly good. 44. Water pump housing removed to expose some pitting.

45. pitting of the housing. I decided to wait until the old engine was out and to see what the condition of the existing housing was like on the 1.6 Engine.


The next step is to drop the engine

out from the Gipsy.

46. This is about as far as I can go before I need the parts from the 1.6 JX engine from the Gipsy.    


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