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Another Karmann Gipsy 1.9 TDi Conversion


Grenville Strickland



Page 4 - Installation of the 1Z


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79. The 1Z is installed back into the Gipsy. 80. the HA Projekt left-hand engine bracket fitted.

81. View of the 1Z installed.


82. Those turbo pipes need to be altered. 83. The original engine brackets are used on the other side of the engine.

84. The original 1Z oil return pipe to be replaced....


85. ... with the new HA Projekt pipe

86. The JX injection pump pipes....

87. Are fitted to the 1Z and the fuel lines connected.


88. Getting there......

89. The modified gearbox with the HA Projekt input shaft and new thrust bearing.

90. The gearbox is now refitted.


91. Looking a little cleaner than it was before.

92. An overview of the engine and gearbox from under.

93. And another view


94. Oil Cooler radiator is fitted and the pipes routed to the back of the Gipsy. 95. Air flow mass meter is fitted.

96. And the original JX air filter is fitted behind the back bumper.


97. Intercooler is fitted. 98. And the pipes are routed to it. Note the Air Temp and it's housing.

99. More pics the the Intercooler pipes. Also in this picture is the HA exhaust adapter.


100. Intercooler. Those long bolts will be cut-down to size. 101. Getting there..

102. Refitting the exhaust mounts


103. The progress so far. 104. the old JX power steering pipes. These need to be modified or ...

105. ..replaced with new ones made by Pirtec.


106. Refitting the original exhaust mounting 107. Exhaust adapter and the original exhaust bracktery.

108. Refitting the exhaust back-box


109. The 1Z comes with an engine immobiliser, so the original key need to be fitted into the key-fob with the immobiliser chip. 110. Internals removed - all except the chip

111. Take the original key


112. Chop it down to the shape of the 1Z key 113. Fit the key into the key-fob carcass and glue into place

114. Replace the rest of the internals.


And the best bit is... 

the engine started and runs lovely!

Just the finishing bits to do.

115. Time for a bit of wiring. What is left of the JX engine loom 116. Temporary connection of Mario's new loom (Yes, it looks a mess at the moment, but it will be taken out,  tidied and secured if the engine works).  


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