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Another Karmann Gipsy 1.9 TDi Conversion


Grenville Strickland



Page 3 - Dropping the JX engine and fitting of parts to the 1Z


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47. The first task was to get the Gipsy up high enough to allow all the work to be done. 48. Oily gearbox! The gearbox is drained of oil.

49. The magnetic gearbox drain bung.


50. Out comes the first item - the battery 51. Coolant is drained and all pipes disconnected from the engine.

52. Air filter removed and loads of other bits disconnected and removed.


53. At last the old engine is out.

54. Revealing a very dirty engine bay

55. Not too bad this side, but it'll all need cleaning.


56. There'll be some repainting to do too.

57. The gearbox bell housing after the old engine is removed..

58. The back panel of the engine bay. This'll give you some idea of the dirt involved.


59. The gearbox is taken down to my workshop at the bottom of the garden and the cleaning starts.

60. And slowly but surely it becomes cleaner and ready for a trip to Swansea where Tudor and Mike will fit the new gearbox input shaft.

61. The engine bay after some cleaning. looks much better now, but still plenty to do.


62. The initial idea was to move the electrical junction box, but in the final version it stayed where it is. 63. The back of the engine bay - just needs some polishing! Right enough of this cleaning, onto the interesting bits.

64. The sump is removed from the 1Z engine and discarded.


65. The crankshaft seal is removed and discarded. 66. New Oil pump fitted.

67. The sump from the old 1.6 JX is fitted to the 1Z engine.


68. New crank oil seal and housing (JX part) is fitted along with the new HA Projekt upper engine plate. 69. The flywheel is then fitted with new bolts. The surface will be cleaned up prior to fitting the friction plate.

70. The JX water pump was better than the 1Z unit, so it was fitted along with the new water pump pulley.


71. Alternator bracket fitted after modification. 72. Note the cut-away made to accommodate the JX thermostat outlet pipe, Without this mod the rubber feed pipe would rub away.

73. New clutch fit fitted.


74. New clutch pressure plate. 75. Beginning to look like a proper engine again

76. The alternator bracket is modified to allow the original JX dip-stick tube to sit correctly. The bottom of the original 1Z dip-stick tube is used to provide a snug fit into the engine block.

77. Another view. 78. The ECU is mounted behind the back wheel arch.  


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