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73. 23rd MARCH 2011. The overhead cab bunk bed

is ripped out.

74. It was suggested that some Gipsy's have

wooden supports and they might have also rotted.

75. But as we can see, the bunk bed supports

are integrated with the overhead cab structure.


76. A surprise visit by my nephew Simon, so he was put to work recreating the front cab section.

77. A tricky little shape, but an important one.

78. And the finished item. This will be covered in thin carpet.


79. Fitting of the new overhead cab side frame-work.

It's now as solid as a rock - even without the

internal wall board fitted.

80. All glued and stapled to match the existing and good frame-work.

81. Trial fitting of the window. It's fits like a glove!


82. 24th March 2011. A long day. Pictures

taken after dusk, so flash light pictures only.

The offside overhead cab frame-work is complete.

83. Joined nicely to the existing framework.

I'm pleased with the result.

84. 3.5mm plywood has been used for the inside wall

and the opening for the window has been cut.



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