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    121. Although the outside might be getting better

    the inside is still a mess!

    122. 16th APRIL 2011. Exactly one month into the project.

    Inspecting the roof after putting the nearside

    alloy trim back on. The Heki (large roof light)

    is fitted along with the smaller kitchen sky light.

    123. The tedious task of cleaning the sealant from

    the roof edge and rubber gasket.


    124. This cleaning takes hours and hours.

    125. The new kitchen roof light from the inside. There

    is a wood trim for the rough edged corner you see -

    to be fitted later.

    126. The new Heki 2 from the inside.


    127.17th APRIL 2011. Lots of smaller tasks

    completed, although very little to show for it!

    The overhead cab base is varnished and the

    end rail completed. The overhead cab are is

    now almost done.

    128. The wood trim mentioned in picture 125

    (above) for the kitchen is varnished and put into place.

    129. 18th APRIL 2011. The Karmann badge is

    removed from the old back panel and secured

    using rivets to the new one.


    130. A new stripe is added. The bottom red line

    is to be added later.

    131. The bike rack is totally dismantled, cleaned,

    reassembled and put back on the Gipsy

    131. The Omnistor awning is cleaned and mounted

    on the side.



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