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121. Back end panel.

122. View along the nearside.

123. 6th APRIL 2011 Despite having lots of odds and

ends to finish, I've started on the last bit - the

roof. The old plywood is removed exposing the

old frame. This is used as a template to make

the new frame.


124. The new frame is then modified to accept a

new large roof light (a Heki 2).

A trial fitting and it's a perfect fit.

125. The frame is laid out and the remaining

timbers are put into place. The position of the

lights are changed so they are in the middle of

the skylight side and upper cupboards.

126. Another trial fitting of the Heki 2.

You can see the size difference from the old roof

 light by comparing the light cut-outs in picture

123 (above). This will really let the light in.


127. The frame is placed on the new internal roof

board and glued (bonded).

128. Bricks are used to keep the pressure on

the frame and the roof board until the glue

has dried. Tomorrow the roof section is be

trial fitted to the Gipsy.

129. 8th APRIL 2011. With the roof board bonded

to the frame, the holes for the Heki and lights

are cut out using a router.


130. The rear roof section in place. Not quite right yet.

131. Some of the kitchen roof framework - unfinished.

132. View from the top.



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