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97. So the bathroom wall is ripped out.

The old framework is used as a pattern.

98. Building the new bathroom

wall framework in Mahogany.

99. And all I had to complete of the new frame work was two small pieces when the heavens opened.


100. Tools where packed away and the Gipsy returned

to under cover. When working outside in the open,

rain is the restorers worse nightmare as it can

ruin all the good work done and ruin the furniture

inside. Yikes.

101. 27th MARCH 2011.  Well we survived the night

of rain quite well. No damage done or wet patches.

The tarpaulin was flapping about this morning but

that was all. Time to continue. The bathroom

wall and bottom

sections are put together.

102. The old structure was then removed carefully

so as not to damage the wall boards we want to

keep. The newly build frame-work offered up

to see if it fits.


103.  Not a bad effort even if I say so!

A few adjustments here and there and it'll

get a thumbs up.

104. In the meanwhile the wife is tasked with

fitting the new insulation (Xtratherm). This stuff has

a 97% heat retaining efficiency, so it should

keep the inside very warm during the Winter

and cool during the Summer.

105. She has done a pretty good job. Just the roof

to finish, the side I'm currently building and

the back!


106. 29th March 2011.  Due to the weather no further

work has done on the bathroom wall, however

here's the bottom quarter.

107. It's real shame to cover the Mahogany with  paint, but we want this wood to last.

108. Under the protection of the tarpaulin, work is started on the off-side bottom. This is the kitchen wall where the lower section is being replaced.



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