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109. 31st MARCH 2011. The front offside lower section

is glued and stapled together. 3.5mm plywood is

shaped for the backing board and is then glued

and stapled  to the new mahogany framework.

110. The rear offside glued and stapled with the

plywood backing. The coachbolt holes have yet

to be drilled.

111. It might look ugly but once again the wood

is painted to protect it from the elements.

Once this section is bolted up, this side of the

van will be complete and the alloy side panels

and fitments can be put back on.


112. What a productive day! Rather than finish

the bottom, I thought I'd re-skin the offside.

All the panels were fixed and stapled, then the

windows went in, the door put back in. Then the

majority of the fitments along the side.

113. There are finishing touches still to do. For

instance, two vents to fix on, door hinges

covers, awning holders etc. But it's looking good.

Very good.

114. The Hot water boiler vent and central heating

vent caused some problems putting on. Oddly

enough they are identical, so no idea why they were problematic.


115. The kitchen wall showing the upper fridge vent and Gas vent.

116. 2nd APRIL 2011.The top rail over the bathroom

is done. Although it looks a straight piece of wood,

it isn't!

117. The bathroom wall  finished. Just the gas

locker to shape up with the router.


118. The other end of the top rail extending

into the lounge area.

119. 4th APRIL 2011. Despite the blustery day,

we decided to replace the side panels on the

nearside. These panels are so flimsy and long,

that even the slightest of breezes can result in

the panels being creased. However with rain

forecast for tomorrow, it was decided they had to

go back on. Here the panels are being prepared

for mounting

120. As the task is fairly intense, no further photo's

until all 4 panels have been fixed to the side of the

 Gipsy and the windows fixed into place. The

toilet cassette access door and rear locker door are

only mounted in temporarily.



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