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133. Some of the kitchen roof during construction.

134. Upper nearside cupboards. Still lots of work

to be done here to tidy it all up. The position

of the light has been changed.

135. Upper offside cupboard.


136. What a mess!

137. The big rear window cannot be put in until

the roof Alloy has been replaced. One of the last

 jobs on the list.

138. It's goodbye to this bit of rubbish.


139. 8th APRIL 2011. The end is neigh! The

remaining two roof sections have been made

and are currently being bonded to the new

framework. Fingers crossed that the new roof

skin/alloy will be fitted Monday.

140. 9th APRIL 2011. The new internal roof is in!

Without question this was the hardest part so far

of the restoration. Between the oblong hole

you see and the square hole there is a slant

in the roof. That took a lot of work to get that right.

141. Looking back down and over the lounge area.

Wiring has yet to be secured and hidden away.


142. Over the door. Some bits still need a little tweak

 to get them 100% right, but overall it looks OK.

143. 10th April 2011. Spent the entire day preparing

 the roof for the new aluminium outer skin.

Here I am correcting a little niggle I had with the

roof over the bathroom.

144. Looking alright I reckon.



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