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85. We were planning on using proper wallboard for the sides, but it works out too expensive, so we'll use a suitable hard-wearing vinyl wallpaper instead.

86. The opposite sidewall and cross-rail laying on

the bunk bed base. The cross rail will be cover in

carpet and it fixes to the front of the fibreglass

and is screwed in through the two sides.

87. The first of two boards comprising the bunk bed

base. It has a hump in the middle which is two

screws put into the fibreglass by the previous owner.

These screws will be removed to even it up.


88. The bunk bed base is fixed to the fibreglass

shell using a sealant (more to keep the board

from movement rather than anything else.

89. And finally for today the nearside over head

cab wall with the 3.5mm plywood fixed in place

90. 25th MARCH 2011. With the main structure in

place it's time to start rebuilding the roof. No

 front window as they leak like a sieve and we

want the Gipsy to be warm and totally damp free.


91. The new ceiling board is stapled onto the outside frame and the new cross members glued and screwed

92. It may seem there are too many, but the insulation material does not flex easily, so small sections are the answer to getting around the curve

93. A sneaky peek inside the new overhead cab area. The corners will be beaded  with white sealant.


94. The cross rail has been covered in dark carpet and isn't yet complete.

95. A trial fitting of the 97% efficient insulation.

96. 26th MARCH 2011. Day 10. Time to have a go

at the top rail shown in pictures 69, 70 and 71.

As I removed the wood carefully with a chisel

it was evident I will be to rebuild the entire bathroom

wall due to rot.



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