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As most of you know, our Volkswagen Karmann Gipsy is now 22 years old and for it's age it is in pretty good condition.

When we imported the Gipsy from Germany in 2008 we were aware that there was damp in the roof and that at some stage we would need to replace the roof. Any 'coachbuilt' of this age is prone to damp as over the years the sealants break down along the seams, around skylights and let the water in - exactly the same as any caravan. Additionally, if there is damp in the roof, there is bound to be damp elsewhere!

The following pages is to document the (total?) rebuild of our Karmann Gipsy performed by yours truly.





1. 16th MARCH 2011. The Gipsy is cleared on all the stuff we have accumulated over the past 2 years.

2. The back lounge area is remarkably dry and

appears to be damp free - well we'll see -

more later!

3. To Remove the black-out blinds remove

the cupboard underside wooden trim and

inside cupboard upright.....


4. To reveal the black-out blind securing screws.

5. Black-out blinds and window trim removed to

reveal the frame securing clips.

6. Once these clips have been unscrewed, the

window can be pushed out.


7. The wood around the frames look good.

8. Undo the 4 domed nuts to remove the bike rack

9. Off and stored.


10. 12x bolts/screws and the off comes the roof rails

11. Gone. Now 4x domed nuts to remove the ladder

12. Finished. Trim removed on the off-side

for measuring.



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