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This is the restoration of Cheetah No.29 expertly done by Marv and Clare. Although the Cheetah had been repaired in the past, these repairs did not last and a full restoration was required. The restoration started on the 8th December 2013.






1. Prior to any work being started, Clare

 & Marv located a dry and secure unit

 in which to perform the restoration.

2. Plenty of room in which to do the work.

3. A good selection of tools are required.



4. The restoration starts with removing

all of the external vents, lockers and

 trims. Here we see Marv removing the

wheel arch trim.

5. With all the 'furniture' removed, the

ali panels are removed starting from

the bottom panel and working towards

 the top.

6. This is not the original insulation used

by Karmann so evidence this Cheetah

has been repaired previously.



7. Bathroom window removed, side

lounge window will be next.

8. The bathroom sink will be re-used.

9. Rear nearside lounge window removed. This doesn't look nice!



10. Everything removed from the

Cheetah is labelled and bagged.

11. The overhead cab wall exposed. Nicely rotted.

12. Another view.




13. Another long panel is removed. More evidence of the previous repair.

14. With just the top side panel to

remove, Marv bends up the 5mm

 overlap on the roof ali to aid it's


15. Ready for the top panel to be removed.



16. Top panel is now off. Not a clever repair.

17. The back rear corner. Doesn't look pretty.

18. Close-up picture.



19. The nearside stripped.

20. another view.

21. Work starts on the offside and stripping off all the furniture.



22. The bottom ali panel removed.

23. Quite severe rot in the rear lower corner.

24. Further forward towards the front - the step and kitchen wall bottom.



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