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This is the restoration of Cheetah No.29 expertly done by Marv and Clare. Although the Cheetah had been repaired in the past, these repairs did not last and a full restoration was required. The restoration started on the 8th December 2013.






25. Lower panels removed, side door

removed and the offside lounge

window removed.

26. Some good wood around this window frame.

27. All ready to removed this panel.



28. Framing for the kitchen window.

Again this look good.

29. Overhead cab window removed.

30. The awning will be removed before the top ali panel is taken off the Cheetah.



31. Panel removed which exposes rot

quite similar to the opposite side.

32. Top panel removed and closer view

of the from offside corner of the

 overhead cab.

33. With both sides now stripped of panels, time to start the new framing. All this framing is 25mm in depth.



34. Nearside wall progressing

very nicely.

35. Nearside rear lounge wall.

36. The framing almost complete

for this side. Extra bracing will be inserted.




37. Marv doing something on the

overhead cab wall!

38. Simple device made to ensure long wood lengths are total level with the platform on the chop-saw before


39. More more on the nearside wall.



40. The new overhead cab wall.

41. Nearside framing again.

42. The completed framing is put onto tressles and the ali panels laid on top to ensure everything fits and any adjustments are made.



43. 4.5m long and 2.77m high wall.

44. The top rear corner is rounded off.

45. While the panels were laid on the framing opening are marked ready for cutting. This one is for the Truma fire.



46. Hole cut.

47. The wall back on the Cheetah - the

all will be removed and refitted again

several time over the restoration.

48. Extra racing in the rear lounge wall.



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