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This is the restoration of Cheetah No.29 expertly done by Marv and Clare. Although the Cheetah had been repaired in the past, these repairs did not last and a full restoration was required. The restoration started on the 8th December 2013.






73. Exposed rear wall.

74. A lot of this rot could be caused

 by the ladder.

75. Preparing to remove to old ali roof off the Cheetah.



76. It's off. Roughly 6.5 metres in


77. New roof ali will be fitted so the

old roof is coiled up and ready to scrap.

78. The exposed roof. 2x 9mm

plywood sheets



79. Plywood sheets removed.

80. Rear roof section is unscrewed

and removed from the top.

81. The other side.



82. Both roof sections have now been


83. Overview of the Cheetah with the

main roof sections.

84 The overhead cab roof with opening

 for the 280mm x 28-mm skylight.




85. No going back now!

86. The new walls get more wood preservative.

87. That's the nearside wall done.



88. We've had this photo before.


89. At last the old wall is removed from the Cheetah and the new side wall is put on.

90. Coachbolts, washers and nuts

are used at the back into and along

 the side skirts. More of this later.



91 The offside wall ready for the preservative.

92. Half way there.

93. Completed.



94. The old wall is removed and the

 new Offside framing is temporarily

 put on the van

95. As with the other side - coachbolts, washers and nuts.

96. With the side wall framing done, onto the next task. This is no ordinary restoration in as much Clare & Marv have decided to completely renew all the internal furniture too.




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