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This is the restoration of Cheetah No.29 expertly done by Marv and Clare. Although the Cheetah had been repaired in the past, these repairs did not last and a full restoration was required. The restoration started on the 8th December 2013.






241. Out of sequence photo although this task can be done at almost anytime. New plinth for the water tank.

242. Another one out of sequence. New water tank plinth.

243. The roof is now secured to the Cheetah so it's time to start building the back wall.



244. Ready to start construction of the back wall.

245. Bottom section.

246. The main wall.



247. The window is offset to allow room for the ladder on the nearside.

248. View from another angle.

249. The wall boarding is put on. Just the window opening to cut.



250. The finished back wall.

251. From the inside. Next job....

252. Cutting and inserting the new insulation.




253. Roof is done.

254. Front Overhead cab wall is done.

255. This is an important photo as it shows that silicone sealant should be applied between the framing and the fibreglass base. When dry cut the excess off.



256. All those restoring a T3 Karmann should do this.

257. More's the better for this area.

258. Insulation completed on the offside of the Cheetah.



259. Rear wall insulated. 

260. Note the extra strengthening Marv has inserted into the back wall. It's a good idea because the back wall tend to flex when leaned on.

261. Dodgy looking fella visits. Last

 seen leaving the scene with a

Bonoplex window.



262. Once al the insulation is inserted,

9mm ply sheets are placed on the

roof. This provides strength to the

roof as well as a flat platform for the

 roof ali.

263. View of the front section and kitchen slant.

264. The big hole for the Heki 2.



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